CT48 - Urovo

Professional Scan Engine

Equipped with a professional scanning engine & a high-resolution image sensor,
Offers millisecond-level response speed and effortless recognition of 1D/2D/DPM codes.


25°Scanning Angle

Easily complete scanning tasks without
tilting the device.

Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming, Real-time Data Communication

The device seamlessly switches between access points, ensuring smooth and stable internet connectivity. It also optimizes network connection quality by selecting the best available access point, enabling real-time data communication.

Deliver a Seamless User Experience

Large Keypad Prevents Accidental Touches

The large keypad design effectively prevents accidental touches, facilitating smooth data input and ensuring accurate and efficient operation.

Comfortable One-handed Use

Slender and ergonomic design fits perfectly any size hand, and support easy one-handed use.
G 0
MM 0

Fast Autofocus

Allows fast autofocus, allowing you to capture clear images with just a simple click.

Rear13MP Camera

Rich Software Tools

UROVO provides enterprise-customized UEE software service platform, together with the UMS management platform, offering a variety of applications and assisting customers in seamless device integration and efficient operations.

Loud and Clear Speaker

With a high performance speaker, it ensures clear feedback even in noisy environments.

dB 0
+ Volume

Full-shift Battery Power

The 5000mAh high-capacity battery offers sufficient power to meet the full shifts needs. With the convenience of removable battery, there is no disruption to device use as you can easily swap out battery for charging.

Industrial-grade Protection

Extremely sturdy and durable for a wide range of applications in
logistics, retail, manufacturing, and more, both indoors and outdoors.
1.5m Drop Resistant IP65 Dust-proof & Water-proof






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